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The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013 – DailyTekk

A website can only be featured ONCE in this annual series, so make sure to check out last year’s list so you don’t miss 100 other amazing sites and blogs. I’ve broken this monster list down into 19 categories and limited myself to five links per category (except for the last category) to ensure I whittled away all but what I thought were the most deserving candidates of right here and right now in 2013. This isn’t a wussy list like Time’s 50 Best Websites of 2012 which contains a bunch of web tools; nope, this is essentially a treasure trove of pure content.

There’s more to this article! Click the button below to continue reading.

. This is the second such list I have made since founding DailyTekk and it’s very special. Throughout the year I save screenshots, bookmark, email myself links, star …

Welcome to one of the web’s most anticipated lists of the year: The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013. This post kicks off a whole new year of incredible top 100 lists (see a summary of the best curated content from last year in The Ultimate Lifehack for 2013: 200+ Incredible Sites and Services).

Editor’s note: 2015′s list of the best, most interesting websites has arrived!

When I make this list I consider 3 things: content, design and style (you know, that x-factor that really makes a site stand out)

Horse Racing Videos – The Greatest Horse Races of All Time

You have to pity The Bart, who looked a winner all the way round only to get out-bobbed at the wire. Cigar

Two of the greats of the 90′s hook up in the Jockey Club at Belmont. The embedded video below is just the finish of the race; the full race can be seen at this link.

1989 Breeders Cup Classic – Sunday Silence vs. Fighting a quarter crack, he may not have been at his physical best here, but his heart was never in doubt.

1978 Belmont Stakes – Affirmed vs. Note how Alydar fails to switch leads in the stretch, a flaw which may have kept him from besting his rival.

1991 Breeders Cup Juvenile – Arazi

The European superhorse Arazi stunned the world with his electrifying move to the front, passing horses like they were standing still. Alydar

In the culmination of their great Triple Crown battle, the two greats battle neck and neck around the track, with the game and gutsy Affirmed prevailing by a head. But of course John Henry, one of the smartest horses as well as one of the best, did have a habit of doing that.

What are the greatest horse races of all time? I can’t claim to have seen them all, since my horse racing consciousness only starts with Secretariat’s amazing Belmont Stakes win in 1973, which I watched with awe at home with my family crowded around the TV set. From then on, I was hooked on the sport of kings. Tom Dirkin’s “Tiznow wins it for America”, may seem a bit over the top in retrospect, but at the time it had a real resonance. Sadly, he never lived up the the hype thereafter, but this amazing race was the real deal.

1989 Preakness – Sunday Silence vs. Easy Goer

Who was better, Easy Goer or Sunday Silence? This epic race may have finally answered the question, with former champion Blushing John tossed into the mix for good measure.

1981 Arlington Million – John Henry

The great John Henry made the inaugural running of the Arlington Million a memorable one. East coast stalwart Easy Goer was out to avenge his Derby loss to California-based Sunday Silence. Did Pat Day move prematurly and comprimise Easy Goer’s chances? Judge for yourself.

1996 Jockey Club Gold Cup – Skip Away vs. Cigar may have been just a trifle past his sell-by date after a long campaign that year, but he still gave Skip Away all he could handle. AlyshebaThe two Derby winners hook up in a classic of Classics. Chic Anderson’s superb race call complements the greatest race ever.

1996 Dubai World Cup Classic – Cigar

The mighty Cigar was going for his fourteenth straight win in the first Dubai World Cup. Preakness winner Louis Quatorze and Belmont winner Editor’s Note completed the field.

1997 Preakness Stakes – Silver Charm et al.

Silver Charm, Captain Bodgit, Free House, and Touch Gold, all amazing horses in their own right, battle it out in one of the best Triple Crown Races ever. This is a selection of my choices for the greatest races since 1973, pulled from the great treasure trove of horse racing videos on Youtube.  Keep an eye on Touch Gold, who stumbled at the break, but may have run the best race of all.

1988 Breeders Cup Distaff – Personal Ensign vs.

1973 Belmont Stakes – Secretariat Wins Triple Crown

How could I start with anything else? I still get chills from watching this race, in which the great Secretariat not only sealed the Triple Crown, but shattered the record for 12 furlongs on the dirt. Feel free to add your choices for the best races in the comments section below.

1987 Breeders Cup Classic – Ferdinand vs. Winning Colors

The undefeated Personal Ensign in her last career race runs up against the former Derby winning filly, a revivified Winning Colors. Even though I know who wins, I still found myself leaning in my chair as the two crossed the line together.. Easy Goer

It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic race than this. Sakhee

Taking place just a month after the tragedy of 9/11, this Classic matched defending champion Tiznow against the Arc de Triomphe winner, Dubai-owned Sakhee. A desperate finish ensues.

2001 Breeders Cup Classic – Tiznow vs

Using Reverse Line Movement To Win

This may enable you to get the stale more favorable sports betting line at the time the reverse line movement hits at the triggering Sportsbook. Sure, using this approach leaves open the possibility of the line turning around and moving back against you, but as you will see in bit, betting as soon as an RLM qualifies has been profitable in every major North American sport such as the last two seasons, so if one line turns around, so be it. Keep an eyes on the top five sportsbooks at Sports Insights though, as NCAAF sports betting has been very liquid in that regard, with only one sportsbook (believe it or not, Bodog) finishing in the top five both years.

College Basketball sports betting was not too shabby either, with a two-year mark of 492-356-22, 58.0 percent, +91.96 units.

Article Directory:

Thus, following reverse line movements is the same thing a following the smart money. This is where an important word of caution is in order though. To illustrate, let us say that San Diego Chargers open at -7 over the Miami Dolohins, and over 70 percent of the sports bets placed on the game are on San Diego. Another important recommendation is to use a slow moving (but reliable) sportsbook. The huge problem with this is that the nfl line, ncaaf line or nhl line may have moved too much by that time, and all of the value has been sucked out of the unpopular side.. To back this up, our friends over at have tracked the records for games where over 60 percent of the public has been on one side, yet there was reverse line movement of at least one full point from the opening number at the top sportsbooks in NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB. Keep a close eye on Canbet here, as that Australian sportsbook cracked the top five both years.

By: Manny G

The highest two-year winning percentage using RLM from the top five books belongs to College Football, which went 480-341-10, 58.5 percent, +95.10 units. We tracked the top five books for each of the pointspread sports for the last two years, as as you can see, this strategy has been profitable in every sport. Furthermore, they list the RLM records for many individual sportsbook, making it easy to spot which books this system is working at and which books it may be best to ignore.

Also, games where over 60 percent of the public are on one side, yet there is reverse line movement of at least 10 cents on the Money Line from the opening number at the top five sportsbooks in MLB and NHL sports betting has also been profitable. Quite a few RLM followers watch the moves until almost game time, and then bet accordingly. The records quoted below are based on the bets being made at the triggering books, so beating the move by a half-point or a few cents now and then would actually make your record even better.

So what exactly is reverse line movement? RLM takes place when a large majority of bets are on one team, yet the line moves in the opposite direction. RLM takes place when more money/ sportsbook picks are bet by the small percentage of bettors that are on the unpopular side (the sharps) than is bet by the huge majority of players betting the popular side (the squares). However, instead of the line rising as you might expect, it instead drops to Chargers -6. Keep in mind that NCAAB was the most liquid sport in terms of top-five sportbooks however, with not a single sportsbook making the top five both years. All of this will be fun to follow (not to mention profitable) when every sport except baseball are going on simultaneously during the winter months.

So what we recommend is to only use the top five each season for each individual sport (in terms of units won). Note that these records are for sides only and do not include totals.

The NFL sports betting is generally considered the toughest sport to beat, yet blindly following this method produced an exceptional 59.2 percent win rate last season, improving the two year record to 328-249-12, 56.8 percent, +59.06 units. Carib ruled the roost season at 93-66-9, 58.5 percent, +18.55 units after ABC held the penthouse spot in the 2007-08 season.

The proper way to make a sports bet using reverse line movement is to place your bet as soon as there is an RLM of one full point (or 10 cents in MLB and NHL) off of the opening line. This would make Miami +6 the RLM play.

So what causes RLM when the aim of most sportsbooks is to get as close to balanced action on both sides as possible? The answer to this is quite simple: the sharp bettors; the one’s who give sports betting advice. Last year was a good RLM season for NFL sports betting (45-29, 60.8 percent, +11.91), but two sportsbooks that were in the top five in NFL RLM in both seasons.

Now do the sharps win every single time? Absolutely not! However, they are right more often than they are wrong, so being on the same side as the sharps is a prudent strategy over the long run, and again, the best thing is that there in absolutely no conventional sports handicapping necessary..

NBA sports betting has the lowest two-year five-book RLM winning percentage among the 11/10 sports, but then again, every gambler in the world would kill to go 382-301-9, 55.9 percent, +48.90 units, and the 57.5 percent win rate this past season is nothing to sneeze at. It should be noted that many fewer MLB games have qualified so far this season (is the whole world using RLM now?), but smaller profits is still profit.Again, these records are for Money Lines only and do not include totals.Finally, NHL sports betting has picked up 148.49 units in two years, and unlike MLB, NHL had four sportsbooks out of the top five gain double-digit units this past season

Sports :: How To Use An ATV Salvage Yard

You should stick to places close enough for you to go to so that you can inspect any parts before you buy them.

You can expect to pay less for a used part than for its new counterpart, so if you do not know what to expect price wise for a specific part look up the new price and expect to pay anywhere from 10% to 50% less, sometimes you may get an even better deal. You can also use the internet to search for ATV salvage yards in your area. If you live in an agricultural or hunting area, or have an ATV race track nearby, chances are you can find an ATV salvage yard nearby. There are many places you can find parts for your ATV, and finding them can become half the fun. If you are tinkering on your ATV for a hobby or are on a budget, used parts can be very economical.

If you do not know where an ATV salvage yard in your area is, the best place to start is your local junk yard or car salvage. You may also be able to get a discount if you buy more than one used part, something that rarely happens if you are buying new. They will probably know of any salvage yards that specialize in ATV parts or they may even have ATV parts themselves. You can save a lot of money this way as long as you know what you are doing and do not mind doing the work.

One of the best things about buying used parts is that you can always bargain and try to get n even better deal. If you are a backyard mechanic and have an ATV, chances are you have considered tinkering with it to improve performance or just to make it your own. Always remember to inspect used parts before you buy them and yes, it is ok to haggle to get the best price while in the ATV salvage yard.

Buying used parts can be quite economical as you can find may great parts at a faction of what they cost new. Most used parts are perfectly safe and will work just as well as their new counterparts. If you are concerned about using a used part on your ATV, you should consult other ATV owners, there are many ATV forums online whose users will be happy to give you advice.

If you are very handy, you can even buy a used ATV at a great price if it has mechanical problems and then fix it with parts from an ATV salvage yard. You should always thoroughly inspect any used part you are considering buying as it may not be worth it, as you may have to spend more money just to get the part in working condition.. If you do not want to pay retail price for a part, especially one that will not be seen, you should consider looking for an ATV salvage yard in your area.

An ATV salvage yard is a great place to find parts to fix your ATV or to find parts to improve its performance

2014 Update: Top 10 Safe and Legal Sites for the Best Free Movies Online

In other words, just because the latest movie is on YouTube doesn’t mean it is legal for you to watch it.

What is the public domain and who has copyright privileges?

Updated on August 1, 2014: Need a safe top 10 list of free online movies websites that you can watch without worrying about it being legal? Sure, there are plenty plenty of websites that offer free movies, but they also cause you a lot of problems. This set of rules gives you an idea of what is safe to view at sites that offer movies.

Naturally, we all know we can find great videos on Google Video, YouTube, or the Vine App. If you are on the wrong site watching an illegally uploaded movie, your internet could be shut off.

Having free movies on a website doesn’t mean they are safe or legal. In addition to having a slice of the past ready for you to put on your website or post to your Facebook page, they also have a solid database of absolutely legal public domain videos.

In other words, search engines in 2013 do a lot of the hard work for you to weed out illegal websites that show copyrighted material. McAfee also touts that they have developed patented technology that can block pirated copyrighted materials online. Now that they have this $7.99 package that hooks me into a lot of the TV shows I like to watch.

Old online movie standbys – In 2011, this website had about 400 free movies that were totally legal. magazine writer, Kashmir Hill, calls this new McAfee tech the, “Copyright Alert System.”

To test a site for yourself, go to and get a free analysis from any website from Norton Antivirus. In particular, if you are watching a video on a “peer to peer” web site, your internet provider could cut off your service. If it’s in the USA, its under regulation and will be shut down if it is an illegal website.

Hit or Miss

Today, if you use Google to search for the term, “free legal movies online,” you will see a notice from Google that says, “In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. In 2013, it started touting itself as an educational and cultural media center. If you love cheesy movies that go straight to DVD, this is a treasure trove of free B-rated movies streamed online. is now – Although they are all based on religion, the old favorite, is now GodTube and better than ever. They also have all the newest releases that you can “somehow” manage to download. Today, it operates as the Huffington Post’s TV news section and can be found at

Saying good-bye to old online movie favorites – Naturally, I recommend this first because I have used for almost 5 years. I was surprised to see David Lynch’s “Lady Blue Shanghai” listed. In order to avoid these kinds of the inconveniences, you can simply log on to a free movie web site and watch them there without the legal hassle.

Safe and legal free movies online are not so easy – This website is definitely one of the three most popular online movie contenders. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at”

New generation of free online movie sites – This free legal movie website was a new offering from AOL in 2011. A detailed explanation was provided on their front page. Included in their free movie selections are Tarkovsky, John Wayne, and Alfred Hitchcock films. 2013 movie websites that are coming up clean with Norton’s system are from Singapore and I looked through over 30 websites and verified them as 100% reliable online movie sites that offer what you want without trying to figure out if they are going to infect your computer or give you trouble with the law.

What about the Public Domain? – Ever heard of the Way Back Machine? This is a project by the Internet Archive Project at

The Internet Database Project at has an excellent FAQ that explains what is legal to watch online. Their movies worked fine and they have a clean report from Norton Antivirus posted online. Sadly, in 2014, it was down again with a friendly message saying they were doing updates the website at the moment.. Like Hulu and Netflix, they also offer a monthly deal if you join their website.

Unfortunately, overseas websites bend the rules and do not pay, like Hulu or Netflix do, to get copyright viewing privileges for you. An illegal site is a site that usually has a free upload section. In 2014, there were almost 700 movies at this website.

Update 2014: New online legal free movie websites online since 2011 – Like Hulu, they have a lot of free movies on Netflix. However, they have notices about copyright and public domain fully available. Also, check the websites country of origin. I don’t have any problems finding something I am interested in watching. They do, however, offer a free trial for one month.

Until this software is released, the rest of us can use to double check a new website before using it for free legal online movie watching. An unsafe site could have spyware or other virus related downloads. If you want a change of pace, check out this site for all the free movie, safe, and legal movies you could want.

However, you don’t need these illegal and sketchy websites. In 2013, the website up and running with high-quality free movies that win all the best cinematic awards. In other words, these sites are illegal. – When I visited this site, I noticed that it was a little funny looking. However, as always, be sure to stick with the public domain and do not rely on the uploader to be honest. New free online movies for 2014 that get Norton’s seal of approval are and – In 2011, this popular website announced online that they were suspending operations until further notice. Of course, a streaming web account on Netflix won’t cost you that much either, but it’s not the same as free movies. Furthermore, it explains what is illegal to download or upload – Breaking News | Latest News

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Online Sports Betting and Online Betting Odds

Bet on basketball online with the latest picks, odds and free tips all from the nation’s top handicappers.

Bet on sports online and win big at Sportsbook. Along with MLB betting and games odds, we have lots of baseball prop wagers.. Score big on Major League Baseball, NFL Football, Golf, NASCAR and more.

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How to place your first football bet at a Las Vegas sportsbook like a pro

If the underdog Dolphins win outright, tie or lose by seven points (or less) the Dolphins are declared the winner for betting purposes and you lose. In this example, if you straight bet the Texans, they must win by EIGHT points or more in order for you to win your bet. You could just as easily bet $370 or $3700. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET. For your $110 bet you would get $210 back when you cash your winning ticket after the game. Las Vegas runs on tips and good service should be rewarded. The bottom or second team listed is always the home team and has the home field advantage.

Look at that point spread again. You win if they win by any number of points. As above, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and relax.

Now, go pick up your odds sheets, pick some winners and step up to the window. See the 43 in the total column? If you believe that both teams are healthy, happy and the weather will be perfect and you KNOW this game will be a high scoring game OVER 43 combined points, you can bet $11 (or $110) to win $10 + your $11 (or $100 + your $110) back. ALL bets must be placed BEFORE kickoff. You can also view this information up above your head on the big, brightly lit boards, but it’s easier to grab a paper copy to study at your leisure.

Find the team that you are convinced will win. It can get you more drink tickets and even better service on your next visit.

Or, find your team and bet number and walk up to the window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to place a $37 moneyline bet on #466 the Houston Texans. The point spread is always placed to the right of the team that is favored. The Texans are favorites, indicated by the (-) sign and the Dolphins are underdogs or ‘dogs’ indicated by the (+) sign. Now find the corresponding bet number next to your team and circle it. Each sportsbook (or group of sportsbooks) have established minimum bets and maximum bets, ask the Ticket Writer about minimum bets if you’re a Low Roller or maximum bet limits if you are a High Roller.

. The -7 1/2 under the line column indicates the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. Or for the same rates, you can bet that the COMBINED score will be UNDER 43 points. The Texans are -370 and Dolphins +300. Can you see why point spreads of 3, 7 and even 10 and 14 are extremely important? And to add to your stress, point spreads fluctuate up and down as the kick-off approaches. Good Luck.

Or, find your team and bet numbers for the game, walk up to the window and tell the ticket writer that you would like to bet $110 on the OVER (or UNDER) in the Texans/Dolphins game #465/466. ALL bets must be placed in person, but you do not need to be in Vegas to win or collect. Look back at your sheet under the M/L column. Now, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY and if you drink, ask for a drink ticket when you place your bet. It is customary to bet in increments of $11 ($22, $33, $55,…$1100, etc.) when straight betting/point spread betting. Or $37 to win $10 + your $37 bet.

In Vegas for the weekend and you’d like to place a friendly wager on your favorite team but don’t know where (or how) to begin? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to walk up to the casino sportsbook window and place your first NFL or college football bet like a pro.

Stop by the book, short for sportsbook, and pick up the current week’s odds sheet for the sport (in this example NFL football) you are interested in. This is the moneyline. Remember that IF your team wins AND covers the spread you will get back your original bet PLUS $10 for each $11 dollars bet. In this example you have selected #466 the Houston Texans. This is optional when placing your bets, but a tradition when cashing your winning tickets. You can bet the moneyline, that is bet the Texans to win by laying $370 to win $100 + your $370 bet. Notice that the Texans are the ‘bottom’ team of the two teams listed. Good choice, the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. Remember that teams that cover the point spread win. You just spent (invested) $110, you deserve a free cocktail.

A few final notes. Or you could bet the Dolphins for $100 and win $300 + your $100 bet for a total of $400 back – IF the Dolphins win.

Another way you can bet on this game is to bet the total. Remember that OVERTIME COUNTS when betting totals.

And finally, consider tipping the helpful Ticket Writer a dollar or two or ten. Ask the sportsbook staff about mailing and cashing your winning tickets from out of state. Walk up to the betting window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to straight bet or just bet $110 on #466. When straight betting or betting the spread that team must cover the spread. Again, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and enjoy the game.

Ready? Find your team and the bet number. More on that in future articles.

What if you still like the Texans to win but heard about some key player injuries or weather changes or other factors that could affect the team’s performance on Sunday? You are still convinced they will win but not sure if they will win by MORE than a touchdown

The Best Sports Betting Blog On The Internet

Then, he knocked out Chad Mendes in Round 1 on The Ultimate Fighter on Dec. If Lesnar returns as good as he was before the Velasquez loss, he could be tough for Hunt to handle on July 9. But the emotional part of me is with Jose Aldo, who I think is dying to prove that the McGregor loss was a fluke.

The over/under for total goals scored sits at 2.5, with the odds on the under at 1-2 and 6-4 on the over. Edgar lost to Aldo at UFC 156. I like Cormier to upset Bone Jones at UFC 200.

The UFC 200 betting odds are interesting in the sense that Frankie Edgar is a slight favorite over Jose Aldo. Portugal is peaking at the right time. Is it that simple? Is the Crimson Tide so talented that no other teams in all of college football has a shot? I’m not so sure. Preaux at UFC 197 this past April. In her win before beating Holm, Tate won a 3-Round unanimous decision against Jessica Eye. She didn’t force Holm to submit until Round 5. #POR in the #UEFAEURO2016 final.

My UFC 200 pick is Jose Aldo by split decision

What: UFC 200

Who: Jose Aldo Vs Frankie Edgar

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016

Start Time: 7 PM ET 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Stadium: T-Mobile Arena

Watch: UFC Network

Stream: UFC Fight Pass

The Yankees list C.C. Cormier has a non-stop motor. Coach Jimbo Fisher has put together another solid team led by Heisman Trophy candidate running back Dalvin Cook. He had a lot of inches on Aldo and Aldo’s style of going forward and exchanging strikes worked perfectly into McGregor’s hands.

But that doesn’t seem to bother Hunt. I do feel that Gary Patterson will find replacements for WR Josh Doctson, QB Trevone Boykin, and the starters that TCU lost along the offensive line.

Before Lesnar lost to the terrific Cain Velasquez and, at the time at least the equally talented Alistair Overeem, he appeared dominant. Second, TCU’s defense is better than Oklahoma’s offense. He ran into McGregor when McGregor was at the top of his powers. No matter whether you believe that the handball call on Schweinsteiger was a legitimate call or not, nobody can take anything away from France’s defense. She is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The last time that he faced Boston he allowed only 2 runs off of 6 hits in 6.2 innings pitched.

Pick: New York Yankees

What: 2017 College Football National Championship Game

When: January 9, 2017

Kickoff: TBA  

Where: Tampa, Florida

Stadium: Raymond James Stadium

Watch: ESPN

Stream: Watch ESPN

Listen: ESPN Radio

Champion Miesha Tate, 18-5, battles #4 ranked Amanda Nunes, 12-4, at UFC 200 this Saturday, July 9. Because of that, Tate goes into this fight as a solid -265 favorite. Sabathia’s 3.77 ERA and 1.44 WHIP aren’t terrible. The brilliant Fernando Santos has made all of the right moves during the UEFA Euro 2016. He submitted Shane Carwin at UFC 116. Nunes is a +205 underdog.

Ronaldo had an excellent match against Wales. If he’s on top of his game, and there’s no reason to believe why he wouldn’t be, Cain should knock out Travis Browne by the second round. That’s just not a very good percentage considering that Velasquez averages 6.22 strikes per minute.

If living dangerously is more your style and you prefer to mix in the daunting third possibility of a draw (these results are based on regulation time, so a result in extra or penalty kicks wouldn’t count), the opening lines are: Portugal 18-5, Draw 21-10, France 19-20. His WHIP is an outstanding 1.05. She beat Sarah McMann via majority decision at UFC 183. The analytical part of my brain says that Frankie does enough to get a unanimous decision. UFC 200 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 9.

Why Bet On Mark Hunt (-160)

I’m going with my emotions. With Gomez in the line-up, things may have been different for the Germans.

Travis Browne has an issue in this fight against Cain Velasquez. He’s walked 7 batters. Amanda Nunes’ last loss was to Cat Zingano at UFC 178 in 2014. Coach Nick Saban always has a good team. No worries. Tate’s patience might work in her favor at UFC 200. Cormier has wanted a rematch versus Jones for the past year. McGregor shocked Aldo but it was sort of to be expected. I like the looks of Sunday’s feature between the Red Sox and Yankees as well. The early college football title betting action has been going to Alabama as well. The fight is the main event on a great UFC 200 card that starts at 10:00 pm ET.. Aldo lost his last fight to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. Perez has a 3.85 ERA and a 1.42 WHIP on the season. He’s had his teams concentrate on playing defense. This includes winning 2 fights in 2015. His last fight was a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 on Dec. Jones 2. He returns. By the third round, he was gassed. Jones is a better than 3 to 1 chalk to beat Cormier on July 9 at -305. Kick-off is at 3:00 pm ET.

My UFC 200 pick is Cain Velasquez by Round 2 KO

Jon Jones is considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. Rueben Foster should fill in nicely for departed LB Reggie Ragland while the secondary, which was Alabama’s Achilles Heel last season, will be much better even though Cyrus Jones won’t be manning the middle. Aldo out struck Edgar 76 to 60.

– ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) June 27, 2016

– CBS Sports MLB (@CBSSportsMLB) July 10, 2016

Texas Rangers at Chicago Cubs

When: Friday, July 15 at 2:20 pm ET


Listed Pitchers: TEX-Martin Perez vs CHIC-Undecided

Jon Jones is the greatest MMA fighter to ever live. Hunt is an excellent striker. Edgar is at -120. Bones Jones has only 1 loss on his record and it was a DQ.

The first fight between these 2 was a classic. She’s going to be ready for Tate come July 9.   

Brock Lesnar, 5-3, returns to the Octagon for the first time since 2011 to battle #8 ranked Mark Hunt, 12-10-1, at UFC 200. Chicago starters are ranked third in MLB in quality starts with 54 on the season as of July 10. But Cormier just seems to have the mental edge even though he lost the last fight. I think Hunt makes quick work of Lesnar at UFC 200.

On Friday, Texas battles the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. France looked terrible for most of the first half versus Germany before a hand ball led to a 1 to 0 score.

Future hall of fame fighter #1 ranked Jose Aldo, 25-2, heads back to the Octagon to face one of his biggest rivals, #2 ranked Frankie Edgar, at UFC 200: Cormier vs. That Jose Aldo, the one that got knocked out by McGregor with only 5 strikes, won’t be the same guy that shows up on July 9. Since that loss, Nunes has won 3 fights in a row.

Why Bet Jose Aldo (-110) at UFC 200

Daniel Cormier will take his time in the rematch. Velasquez had won 4 fights in a row, beating Junior Dos Santos and Antonio Silva twice, before losing to Fabricio Werdum via Round 3 submission at UFC 188. He’s allowed 4 home runs. His only loss was to Matt Hamill via disqualification in 2009. Man, did he ever!  He provided an awesome header for the first goal against Wales. She out struck McMann 27 to 2 before forcing McMann to submit in Round 1. has been god-awful in his last 4 starts. Mark Hunt is the favorite at -160. The match takes place on July 10. The battle takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. If Lesnar goes right after Hunt to try to get the fight to the ground, Hunt will knock him out.

Since losing via submission to Ronda Rousey at UFC 168 in 2013, Miesha Tate has won 5 straight in the Octagon. If he’s able to do that, he could upset Jones who didn’t look to be in his best form versus Ovince St. First, he won a unanimous decision over Urijah Faber at UFC Fight Night, May 16, 2015. In addition to beating Cormier, Jones has beaten Lyoto Machida, Mauricio Rua, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen.

UFC 200 Expert Pick & Fight Prediction

If the Seminoles can get past Ole Miss in Week 1, they might be the team to watch to win the CFP this season. Cormier’s only loss was to Jones. Historically, TCU’s defense has been its strength. The French added another goal in the second half in order to seal the deal over the Germans in their semifinal win. Anti-Doping Agency informed Jones of a potential doping violation Wednesday.

Browne does have some numbers in his advantage. Although Cormier prevented Jones from knocking him out or forcing him to submit, Cormier got tired way too early in the fight. He looked incredible on the pitch. The fight is one of five on the main card. Anti-Doping Agency informed Jones of a potential doping violation.

France used momentum from a penalty kick conversion at the end of the first half to take down Germany 2 to 0 in the second UEFA EURO 2016 Semifinal on July 7.

#2 ranked Cain Velasquez, 13-2, heads back to the Octagon to take on #7 ranked Travis Browne, in what many fight fans believe should be an exciting match at UFC 200: Cormier vs. He hasn’t fought since early 2011. His shot on goal was the perfect assist to Nani, he dived and knocked it in for the second goal. Alabama sure looks difficult to beat for the CFP this season. Keep reading for more information on the Crimson Tide as well as my smart bet and longshot bet to win the 2017 College Football Playoff.

UFC 200 Expert Pick & Fight Prediction

Although Jon Jones is a legend, he faces an extremely capable and hungry fighter in Daniel Cormier on July 9. She wasn’t supposed to beat the fighter to took down Ronda Rousey. UFC President Dana White is counting his lucky stars on the foresight after adding the fight to the card late. It’s finally happening. Aldo is at -110.

Travis Browne won his prep for the fight against Velasquez. I just think that Boston is going to have all sorts of trouble deciding who faces Tanaka on Sunday, July 17.

Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon has no idea who he’s starting on Friday. Since the Cubs are at home, they figure to get to Perez eventually in this game. If he’s returned to his best form, he should have no trouble with Travis Browne.

Alabama lost it’s starting center in Ryan Kelly. He’s convinced that Mir was juiced to the gills and he knocked Mir out in Round 1. That’s the case this year.

There are 2 reason why I think that the Horned Frogs have a huge shot. His takedown accuracy is much better, 71.43% to Cain’s 46.43%. No worries. But Jonathan Allen decided to return to the defensive line. If that Travis Browne shows up at UFC 200, he’ll give Cain Velasquez all that he can handle. Even though Jalen Ramsey is now in the NFL, corners Marquez White, Tarvarus McFadden and Marcus Lewis should fil in nicely. The rematch should be just as spectacular of a fight. In that match, Browne out struck Mitrione 51 to 27.

Cormier has been waiting a long time for this moment. All he needs to do is stay out of trouble and pick his shots. He knocked out Antonio Silva in Round 1 at UFC 193 last November.

Why Bet On France at 15/8 To Win The UEFA Euro Championship

The big news in regards to this fight is that UFC has given Brock Lesnar a drug test exemption. But Edgar took Aldo down twice. Before the loss, Aldo had been close to unbeatable.

Why Bet On Miesha Tate (-265)

Aldo didn’t show his best versus Conor McGregor. Portugal +0.5 (-118)

3-way line: France +110 / Portugal +349 / Draw +212

To win Euro 2016: France -202 / Portugal +185

Total: 2 (Over +101, Under -110)

This should be the fight of the night. Before being disqualified, Jones had out struck Hamill 44 to 5. The Cubs’ rotation has a 3.31 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP. DeMarcus Walker had 58 tackles, 15 for a loss, last season. Jones has beaten a who’s who of MMA greats during his career. This includes beating Champion Holly Holm in her last fight at UFC 196. That’s huge in college football where a lot depends on who returns on your offensive line.

Hunt has looked great in his last 2 fights. Ronaldo and Nani are playing with authority. He’s given up only 36 hits from 146 at-bats.

It’s absolutely possible that the French defense could be just as solid against Ronaldo and Nani as it was against Muller and the rest of Germany’s attack. If Tate is too patient, which could end up being the case, she’ll be down big time on the scorecards before Rounds 4 and 5. Daniel Cormier’s only loss was to Jon Jones at UFC 182. Since the loss, he has won 5 fights in a row. This season won’t be any different. The same bet on the underdogs would return $28.75.

UEFA Euro 2016 Expert Pick & Final Score Prediction

The defense will be solid.

What: UFC 200

Who: Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016

Start Time: 7 PM ET 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Stadium: T-Mobile Arena

Watch: UFC Network

Stream: UFC Fight Pass

Why Bet On Amanda Nunes (+205)

UFC 200 Expert Pick & Fight Prediction

Velasquez is a major favorite in this fight.


Martin Perez is the listed starter for the Rangers in this game. Jones 2. Hunt has won his last 2 fights. 11, 2015

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

When: Sunday, July 17 at 5:00pm ET


Listed Pitchers:  BOS-Undecided, NYY-Masahiro Tanaka

Portugal dominated surprise Wales 2 to 0 in the semifinals. It looks like the Cubs all the way.

Why Bet Cain Velasquez (-305)

Lesnar has been on the bench for a long time.

France’s defense stepped it up against Germany. He’s won 85% of his fights via knock out. I like the Yankees to take this game.

Jones goes into the rematch a heavy odds-on favorite to win. Travis Browne is at +235 to beat Cain Velasquez. I had a feeling that Ronaldo was going to step it up in the semifinals. Cormier looked great in the first 2 rounds versus Jones at UFC 182. Keep in mind, though, that any potential goals scored in extra time would not count toward the 2.5 number.

The Smart Bet To Win The 2017 College Football Championship: Florida State +1200

My UFC 200 prediction is Amanda Nunes via decision.

My fight prediction is Daniel Cormier to beat Jon Jones at UFC 200 via Round 4 KO

What: UFC 200

Who: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016

Start Time: 7 PM ET 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Stadium: T-Mobile Arena

Watch: UFC Network

Stream: UFC Fight Pass

Brock Lesnar is getting plenty of love from MMA odds makers at +130. Nunes can do a lot more than Tate can do. 17, 2016. I’m siding with Aldo in a split decision.

My final score prediction Portugal 2, France 1.

UFC 200 Expert Pick & Fight Prediction

What: UEFA Euro 2016 Championship

Who: Portugal Vs France 

When: Sunday July 10th, 2016 

Start Time: 3:00 PM ET 

Where: Saint-Denis, Paris 

Stadium: Stade de France

Asian handicap: France -0.5 (+110) vs. Sabathia as their starter on July 16. I have to back the Red Sox because Sabathia has been a mess.

Tanaka has been decent against the Red Sox in his career. Daniel Cormier is at +235 to turn the tables on Jones.

– ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) July 8, 2016

It’s hard to knock Jon Jones. 30, 2011. He knocked out Frank Mir at UFC 100. But she doesn’t have to force her opponents to submit in order to win a fight.

My UFC 200 Pick is Mark Hunt KO first round

Nunes has won 77% of her fights via knock out. With the mid-summer classic on Tuesday, July 12, the second half of the season doesn’t pick up until Friday, July 15th, pushing all my free MLB betting picks of the week to the weekend.

Why Bet Travis Browne (+235)

Pick: Chicago Cubs

Pick: Boston Red Sox

Ronaldo and Nani finally got it going. On Saturday, Boston and the Yankees throw down in a classic rivalry matchup. Tanaka continues to be the Yankees’ most reliable pitcher. He also has a sneaky straight right and devastating hook that shoud hurt Lesnar early on in this fight. I love Masahiro Tanaka in this game. Nunes beat Valentina Schevchenko via unanimous decision at UFC 196. Now, the French move on to battle Portugal in the UEFA EURO 2016 Finals. The Brazilian fighter was brilliant when out striking Sarah McMann at UFC Fight Night in August, 2015. The key for me has nothing to do with TCU’s offense. She has great power. Betting on Alabama might actually be an overlay at +500.

The hosts opened as 4-9 outright winners, while Portugal opened at 15-8 outright winners. He knocked out Frank Mir in Round 1 at UFC Fight Night on March 19. TCU should have no trouble taking down Baylor in the Big 12 this season. He’s only faced Chicago batters 8 times. In his last 22.3 innings pitched, Sabathia has given up 22 earned runs off of 30 hits. He’s won 5 fights in a row since the Aldo loss. To put it in simpler terms, a $10 bet on France to win would return $14.44. He avoids 69% of takedowns. The Seminoles need only beat Clemson in the ACC, and Ole Miss in Week 1, in order to possibly go into the CFP with an undefeated record.

Edgar last lost at UFC 156 in 2013. They also lost starting QB Jake Coker and Heisman Trophy winning starting RB Derrick Henry. For most of the tournament, Ronaldo hasn’t been Ronaldo. Keep reading for this week’s top MLB free picks!

Edgar has been a buzz saw in the division since losing to Aldo. The Super Samoan only needed 12 strikes to knock out Antonio Silva. But the truth about Germany is that Mario Gomez, their best striker, yes, even better than Muller, was out due to a hamstring injury. Hunt has been a top fighter in the division for a long time while Lesnar has been on the bench.

Possible suspensions could adversely affect Bama, Miss & Auburn in marquee opening-week, nonconference showdowns. He’s one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. So, a $10 bet would return $46, $31 and $19.50, respectively.

Tate is too big of a favorite in this match. If Cormier is more patient in this fight, he could turn the tables on Jon Jones.

But all of it could be for naught.

Why Bet On Jon Jones (+305) At UFC 200

Tate surprised Holm in her last fight. He avoids 53% of the strikes against him. That has to be the reason why they’re at 50 to 1 to win the College Football Playoff. Just yesterday, interim UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was pulled from his title unification bout against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, after the U.S. His aggressive style worked to perfection until running into Jon Jones at UFC 182. Both Ronaldo and Nani scored. Florida State has 7 players returning to the offensive line with experience. Defending College Football Playoff champion Alabama goes into the new college football season as a solid +500 odds-on favorite to make it 2 in a row. The real problem is that C.C.

Tate is a patient fighter. He also took down Mitrione twice.

#FRA vs. Edgar versus Aldo is on the main card.

The Longshot Bet To Win The 2017 College Football Championship: TCU +5000

UFC 200 Expert Pick & Fight Prediction

The Red Sox bat only .219 against C.C. Velasquez is just too good of a striker. Don’t sleep on the Horned Frogs to pull off a huge College Football National Championship upset in 2017.

TCU has to replace 4 starters along the offensive line. The Rangers’ bullpen has a 4.95 ERA. That’s a huge layoff. The bottom line is that strength isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Hunt has the much better chin. Then, things got dicey.

Why Bet On Brock Lesnar (+130)

Velasquez lands over 6 strikes per minute. Sabathia 

Playoff odds, biggest risers and fallers for all 30 MLB teams at All Star break via @CBSSports

The Favorite Bet To Win The 2017 College Football Championship: Alabama +500

One of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history takes place on Saturday, July 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Daniel Cormier, 17-1, takes on Jon Jones, 22-1. Tate versus Nunes will now be a top bout on the main card after interim UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was pulled from his title unification bout against Daniel Cormier, after the U.S. Not only that, but Aldo went into the fight off of a long layoff. But he’s in such bad form that it’s difficult to go against Boston even though at this point I have no idea who their starter will be. They held the ball 68% of the time. I like Nunes to pull off the upset.

What: UFC 200

Who: Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016

Start Time: 7 PM ET 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Stadium: T-Mobile Arena

Watch: UFC Network

Stream: UFC Fight Pass

Why Bet On Portugal at 4/9 To Win The UEFA Euro Championship

Why Bet On Daniel Cormier (+235) At UFC 200

I’m going the opposite way in this Boston versus New York matchup. What that means is that Lesnar, as Hunt has stated, could be “juiced to the gills”. In fact, with the exception of Cormier versus Jones, this should be the battle that MMA fans don’t miss at UFC 200.

Amanda Nunes is on a roll. He outweighs Cain by 15 pounds, 255 to 240. He has a 6-2 record. Browne only avoids 44% of strikes. That makes sense since a lot of Cubs’ starters figure to hit the mound in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night. Cain is at -305 to take down Browne. Travis took down Matt Mitrione via third round KO at UFC Fight Night on Jan. Lesnar knocked out Randy Couture at UFC 91. I expect Santos to make all of the right moves in the final just like he has during the entire UEFA EURO 2016. Travis also has a 2-inch reach advantage and a 3-inch leg advantage. I like Portugal in an upset.

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

When: Saturday, July 16 at 4:05pm ET

Listed Pitchers: BOS-Undecided, NYY-C.C. Cain is one of the top strikers in any weight class at UFC. That’s my prediction:  Cain Velasquez via Round 2 knock out. First, Baylor is a mess. The biggest night in UFC history takes place on Saturday, July 9, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Germans controlled possessions in the first half.  

Who wins?  To be honest, I don’t know. Nani and Ronaldo were on the same page for the first time during this tournament. His ERA is a very good 3.14. All France did was shut down all of Germany’s goal scorers including one of the best ever in Thomas Muller.

Why Bet Frankie Edgar (-120) at UFC 200

Welcome to the 2016 MLB All-Star break baseball betting fans. He only needed 8 strikes to knock out Frank Mir at UFC Fight Night on March 19