They are not much money for peace of mind.. When I was going for a walk, I would be looking ahead watching for others, and planning my escape route at the same time! Needless to say, it was not the calming walk it was suppose to be. It is being proactive. Remember, be very careful advancing on an injured animal, even the most docile dog will bite when hurt or in pain.

Plastic or Rubber

These type are what my dogs wears, since they have longer slimmer snouts. But you usually measure from the between the eyes to the end of the snout, and allow about 1/2 inch past the nose.

Dog Parks

Perhaps your pet does not need to consider using a muzzle, but it doesn’t hurt to get them used to one. If you even have the slightest concern how they will react then invest in the best dog muzzle now. In these wire basket style muzzles, the straps should fit snuggly around the back of the head, and they can drink, and pant through this style, which is very important.

Even if you have the most placid poochie in the world, their could be situations when they may need to wear one. You basically fit their snout into the length of this muzzle. If they get hurt, a dog will bite. If you move and check out a new park, and you don’t recognize too many of the dogs, yours may get nervous and show some fear aggression. Sometimes no matter how much training you have had, your pooch may be fearful of new people or new situations, why second guess? No one wants to be bitten. There are many situations when you may need to consider a muzzle. These are the cheapest ones, and may be great to carry in the car, if you come across an injured animal, or something like that as they are adjustable. If you are training an aggressive, or fearful dog, you may need to use a muzzle along with good dog training. My dogs need to wear a muzzle when going to the vet’s office. The vets office is stressful enough, you don’t need to be nervous yourself.

If you have a excitable dog or one that can get aggressive when scared, then you may want to consider a dog muzzle. Even after training, my trainer recommended that I purchase one that fit well, and we would train them to wear them for certain situations.

The best one must fit your dog, and let them breathe, pant and even receive treats. It must be sized for him, to do its job well. Now walks are enjoyable. Get the best dog muzzle for your dog, and train them to use it

You need to find ones that work with your pooch, so that he will wear it. You measure their snout for the right size, and the pet supply shop can help you with the measurements needed for a proper fit. It may also give you peace of mind. You could fit him with a muzzle until you feel comfortable that he is ready.


I personally have 2 large dogs that I love dearly, and are well behaved at home, but I just don’t know how they will react with other animals. If you do not have full confidence in your dogs ability or personality, then be proactive, and be in charge, and put on the best muzzle for your him.

The funny thing, is that when my dogs wear their muzzles, it is like the decision has been taken away from them, as to whether they should bare their teeth or look aggressive, and they could now pass a pet with only a passing glance. They like the vet, they just are not the best with other dogs in waiting area.

Velcro Style

There are the Velcro strap style. The best ones, are ones that fit your dog well, allow them to breathe and continue on with their life. Great for sheppards and collies. No matter how much training I had, I still feel better that my dogs wear muzzles while we walk in areas of other animals and pets.

Wire Basket Style

These are the best muzzles for the larger faced dog, such as the Rotweiler. It should not restrict their breathing, or their ability to pant.plastic dog muzzle

There is no substitute for good dog training, but even the best dogs, can have bad days, or be grumpy and just not want to deal with other people or dogs. If you are having small children visit and they are not used to them, even the most docile pet can react to a small child pulling on their tail. But my dogs were able to take a claw and pick at these cloth/Velcro and get them off. Once again this style needs to fit your pooch properly, there are some adjustments that can be made. In this situation, you should either crate your pet, or muzzle him to be sure.

When you act nervous, your dog picks up on this, and then reacts themselves, so you need to relax, and like my Veterinarian said to me. They don’t even mind me putting them on. It helped totally with their behavior. I would either have to time my appointment around dogs, or just m88a put one on them, and they sit and obey. If you get the best dog muzzle that fits your dog well, there is nothing cruel or wrong about wearing it on your dog. This is not cruel treatment if you get the best one for your pet.

Many people tend to think it is cruel, but if it is properly fitted, many dogs get used to wearing them daily. It was more likely the other one may react, and even then mine would just look at them like they had two heads. They may be for a short time, such as with an injured pet, or getting their shots at the vet’s office. It should not be rubbing on their eyes, or forcing their nose up to expose their teeth. These in my opinion are not the best

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