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Norwich striker Lafferty charged with betting offence | Reuters

5 to respond to the charge.

LONDON Norwich City and Northern Ireland striker Kyle Lafferty has been charged with a betting offence, the Football Association said on Friday..

Lafferty, who has 54 international caps and played at Euro 2016, has until Aug. “It is alleged that on 20 February 2016, the Norwich City forward placed a bet on the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of, or occurrence in, a football match or competition in breach of FA Rule E8,” a statement said.

(Reporting by Steve Tongue, editing by Ed Osmond)

Stricter rules introduced two years ago apply to everyone involved in senior football in England.

“Participants covered by the ban will be prohibited from betting, either directly or indirectly, on any football match or competition that takes place anywhere in the world,” the FA said at the time

Football: Stanley bet on Cup progress.

Punters can back Premiership and top

Division One sides to reach stages from the fifth round onwards.

finals, 6-4 semi-finals, 13-2 losing finalists, 11-2 winners; Leeds

3-10 5th round, 8-11 quarter-

. Others on request.

STANLEY are betting on teams’ FA Cup progress with a coupon

that will be in shops tomorrow. All rights reserved.


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Coral – which team will finish higher? 2-5 Birmingham, 7-4 Crystal


Stanley – How far will your team go in the FA Cup? Liverpool 2-9

5th round, 4-6 quarter-

finals, 6-5 semi-finals, 11-2 losing finalists, 9-2 winners;

Arsenal 4-11 5th round, 4-5 quarter-

After former Crystal Palace Steve Bruce was confirmed yesterday as

the new Birmingham City manager, replacing the sacked Trevor Francis,

who has gone the other way to Selhurst Park, Coral are betting on which

of the two teams will finish higher.

Holders Liverpool are 2-9 to get to the fifth round, 4-7 to reach

the quarter-finals, 6-5 the semis and 11-2 to be losing finalists.

finals, 6-4 semi-finals, 7 losing finalists, 7 winners; Man Utd 4-6

5th round, 11-10 quarter-finals, 7-4 semi-finals, 7 losing finalists, 7

winnesr; Chelsea 4-6 5th round, 5-4 quarter-finals, 9-4 semi-finals, 9

losing finalists, 9 winners.

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Casino-Gaming :: The Rules of Blackjack

Next make sure that the table is standard blackjack. After acquiring chips from the dealer, place all bets when it is appropriate to do so. Many times, casinos will have blackjack tables as low as three dollars a bet. After deciding when to cash out, take all chips to the cashier, usually located close to the card tables. Some tables can go up into the hundreds of thousands. The cashiers will also exchange the correct amount of smaller chips for a larger chip. Blackjack chips are just like any other card game’s chips.

Many times, casinos will have something called a buy in at their blackjack tables. If there are any discrepancies or questions about how much the chips are worth inside the circle, just ask the dealer.

With some time and practice, it is very easy to get accustomed to the rules of blackjack. However, if the rules are not followed correctly, then the casino may have one removed. These chips are standard in all casinos as to avoid any confusion. There are higher priced chips such as the green, twenty five dollar chip and the black one hundred dollar chip. Make sure to ask at the appropriate time though. They will also exchange large chips for the appropriate amount of smaller chips as well. A buy in is a minimum about that one can bet. They will also answer any questions about the rules or questions about blackjack in general. The dealer is not allowed to take any cash or chips from a player. This will also help get a feel for what it may be like to play in a casino. Blackjack though, does have it’s own set of basic rules that all blackjack players should follow. Practice with friends using some custom rules and regulations to get a feel for the game. Blackjack’s rules vary depending on where it is played. Generally, white chips represent one dollar amounts. After the round is over, the dealer will then either take money from the player, or add to their stack of chips. Asking for chips during one of these situations is considered to be rude and impolite. One casino may play blackjack differently than another casino. With only a bit of time and practice, they are very easy to get used to. Ofter times, casinos will have variations of the game, which have different rules and regulations. Find a table that is reasonable. Once all bets have been placed, one cannot remove the chips from the circle. . Remember, always ask questions to the dealer if there are any problems, questions, or concerns about the game.

The first thing that any blackjack player should know is the chip amounts. Red chips amount to five dollars.

Once at a table, ask the dealer to trade cash for chips. Just be sure to follow all casino rules to avoid any trouble. Do so only when the dealer is not busy dealing cards or in the middle of a game. In return, the dealer will slide back the proper amount of blackjack chips.

After being acquainted with the game of blackjack, it is essential to follow the rules of the game. All bets go in the circle in front of the player. They should be placed in a vertical fashion from the greatest value amount on the bottom to least value amount on top. The cashier will then exchange any winnings or extra chips back into cash. Slide the money near the dealer