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Betting Games to Play During NFL Draft

Of those people, the next person to win gets all the money in the bowls and all the relevant pots. Score the mock strictly by where the player is drafted with no regards to team using the following system:

Correct player in exact spot = 5 points

Correct player 1 spot off (+/-) = 3 points

Correct player 2 spots off (+/-) = 2 points

Correct player 3 spots off (+/-) = 1 point

Game 4: Your Big Board (non-betting)

This is not a betting game, but rather an exercise that allows you to better understand the draft’s depth and players.

Before the draft, create a printout, posterboard, or individual cards with approximately 75-100 of the draft’s top players arranged from top to bottom according to your preferences and team needs, as if you were the general manager. For this game, each person should make a mock draft of the first round (picks 1-32) and bet $10. At this point, no more money is bet. The mocks will then be scored and the money distributed in a way agreed upon (aka winner 75%, 2nd place 25%). Aside from food, friends, and beverages, there’s no better way to increase the fun had during the NFL draft than by placing small bets with your friends.

On a fireplace, hutch, or other surface near the TV, place 5 bowls. There may be several side-pots at any given point.

What if Nobody is Correct?

If nobody puts money in the bowl of the correct player, all of that money goes into a general pot, and the next person to correctly guess a player gets that money in addition their other winnings.

What if there is still money in the pot after round 1 ends?

If the day or round ends and there’s still money left to be won, the game goes to “overtime”. Some watch it to see where their favorite college players get drafted, some watch the draft for the drama and trades, and many watch it to see which players their favorite team will be building its future around.

Game 1: Betting Bowls

Wide Receivers drafted in round 1 OR Pick number at which first Wide Receiver is


The number of the first pick traded OR the number at which the first Running Back is selected.

Number of trades in the top 10 picks of round 1 OR number of trades in the bottom 10 picks of round 1.

University of Florida players drafted in round 1 OR Pac 10 players drafted in

round 1.

Game 3: Mock Drafts

Mock drafts are getting more and more popular and easier to do all the time with sites like ESPN and providing tools to create mock drafts. Doing any or all of the following games or activities is a great way to stay invested in each and every pick and keep the energy level high.

For the first 10 picks of the draft, it is often more fun to have the 5th bowl labeled as “Rest of Field” instead of an actual player name. The premise is simple: given 2 scenarios which will result in a number, which scenario will produce a larger number. This represents any player who is not a label on the other 4 bowls.

Because it can be kind of hectic labeling the bowls in between picks, it’s recommended that you rotate labeling responsibilities every 5 picks, so everyone has time to enjoy the draft.

It’s also recommended to find a list of the top 50 players in the draft and use that to pre-create some labels, so you don’t have to write down names during the draft.

To deter any cheating or foul play, it’s best if all bets are placed as soon as possible, that all contestants stay off of Twitter, and that no bets may be changed after a certain time (like less than 2 minutes left on clock).

Game 2: Prop Bets

With this game, brainstorming the bets and categories is almost m88 as much fun as choosing the bets and watching them unfold live. For example: “Which will be higher: Number of Linebackers drafted in round 1, or number of players selected from Florida colleges in round 1?”. This is a fun exercise when your team is drafted, as you can see who you would pick at this point and can watch players literally “come off the board”.

Creating between 10 and 20 of these questions and putting $1 down for each is a fun and creative way to think about the draft. Here are some more sample prop bets:

With the NFL draft having moved to prime time in 2010, it’s now easier than ever to watch the draft and throw parties on draft day 1 (and beyond). Each and every pick, each person must choose 1 player they believe will be drafted at that pick, and it cannot be the same player anyone else has chosen (aka they must all be unique).

For each pick in the draft, tape 1 name below each bowl, to give a total of 5 names for each and every pick.

Before each pick, each person in the room places $1 in the bowl of the player they think will be drafted.

The person who correctly guesses the drafted player wins all the money in the bowls.

What About Trades?

If a pick is traded, everyone may remove their dollar bet and, after the bowls are re-labeled (if necessary), change their bet to a new player.

What About Ties?

If 2 or more people select the same player and are correct, all of the money goes into a specially labeled side pot. The first person to get a pick correct gets all the money.


Each and every year the NFL draft is becoming more and more popular and is becoming a holiday of sorts for NFL and football fans

Cool Online Names

There are also many people who opt for cool usernames to project their individuality. Spelling a name wrong or adding symbols to the name also enhances the appearance of the username.

But on the downside, it tends to be distracting and confusing, so restrict the use of characters to just a couple of symbols. While choosing online names remember that you need to choose a name that is easy to remember. If you are one of them and you want an online name for PS3 games or for Xbox 360, then here are some names that you can use while playing games on the internet and wish to have no indication of your actual identity.

If none of these names appeal to you, then you can use one of the websites that generate online names depending on your preference. There are many online names for games for when you are playing online which can be chosen according to the game that you are interested in. For Girls

Most girls who are online wish to remain anonymous for reasons of security. The name that you choose should be easily remembered by people, so choose a name that identifies you well but at the same time is not very complicated to remember. Here is a list of great online names for girls.

Great Online Names for Girls

o BlaZe Star

o Star Struck

o Cat Fight

o Trinity

o b0rn c0nfused

o Morticia

o Bewitch

o Eternity

o Transient Beauty

o Electric Rainbow

o Vanilla Sky

o Cleopatra

o Calming melody

o Petra

o Chocolate Moon light

o Coral

o Venus FlyTrap

o Sparkle Eyes

o Windswept

o daily insanity

o dangerous bunny

o Frizzy Busy

o De Moonlight

o Ivory

o e4exuberance

o Blackheart

o Birdy

o ebony dagger

o Tweety

o Dark Angel

o Foodaholic

o Aura

o Ebony

o Sweet Sorrow

o Giga Paladin

o Gold Hallow

o Angel Eyes

o Sugar Lips

o Hope Pally

o Rainbow

o Jack Girl

o Jazz Gal

o Jr.Gal

o Queen

o Pink World

o Dancing Diva

o Divalacious

o Bootylicious

o Aphrodite

o Aurora

o Mythical Girl

o Fawn

o Sybil

o Iris

o Sweet Emotion

o Ontoes

o Platinum

o m88 online Princess Fiona

o Princess

o Pure Woman

o Queenie

o Random Burglar

o Moonbeam

o Chyna White

o Silver

o Blanca

o Brandywine

o Magnolia

o HannaH

o Chantel

o Dream Weaver

o Opium

o Lotus

o We Regret To Inform U


o Summer breeze

o Summer

o Autumn

o Falling Slowly

o Angel from Above

o Lavender

o SmartnSexy

o Wise-n-Witty

o Chico User

o CaffeineinmyBrain

o Aqua

o Hell’s Angel

o Wandering Beauty

o Banjara

o Princess life

o Princess Mofo

o Visual Kitten

While many of us use our real names while surfing online, there are others who prefer to be known by a username which does not identify them in any way whole online. While most social networking sites have the real names of people, if you want to move away from the trend, here are some username ideas for you.

For Boys

Most boys love playing multi player games online. You can be sure that it will be individualistic and define who you are.. But if you want to be unique, then put on your thinking caps and come up with a creative name for yourself. There are also many sites that do not allow the use of special characters. There are many names that you can opt for in case you need a pseudonym to use for yourself while surfing the net

Learn Online Sports Betting

Novices can begin by scrutinizing pro-bettors at first. Also, a gambler who recognizes how to recognize and scrutinize the likelihood to the match can create an enhanced betting strategy, virtually giving that gambler and perimeter amongst the additional players.

If you are desirous to become a sports betting champ by mastering your betting skills, all you need to do is visit the site.

Making effective bets is truthfully pleasant. This is significant, as the match rotates in the region of these odds. And, if you are seeking some tips related to online betting make sure to visit this link.

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Long distance sports gamblers may previously be acquainted with by at the present that a steadfast and secure gambler is one of the most significant things to appear subsequent to betting games online. To assist them by this, they could also explore online for straightforward glossaries on the most ordinary stipulations used in placing bets in cyberspace.. Nevertheless doing this might not be the simplest item to do. The method a player holds his/her cash in insertion bets online can also make or crack him/her. They can maintain themselves modernized waiting they have a recognizable clasp on the stipulations. Later on all, it’s not just a stuff of only selecting out any arbitrary booker who’s keen to take suggestions.

And finally, gamblers can also labor on learning how to expand good cash managing. It takes huge knowledge and investigations to do this. That’s an extensive and deadly procedure fun88 and gamblers need to study the simple essentials.

After getting a reasonable clasp on the most frequently used sports gambling terms, novices can develop towards consideration sports gambling odds. Culturing the fundamental stipulations would be a great initial point. This is where skill comes in versatile. However, for novices, they can simply obtain this capacity by looking for a variety of trustworthy tips concerning introducing digital bets.

To initiate off, it’s imperative for all aspiring gamblers to study significant terms used in gambling sports online. Nevertheless, on behalf of it to be worthwhile, gamblers must recognize how to play appropriately and maneuver precisely

Best Dog Muzzles – InfoBarrel

They are not much money for peace of mind.. When I was going for a walk, I would be looking ahead watching for others, and planning my escape route at the same time! Needless to say, it was not the calming walk it was suppose to be. It is being proactive. Remember, be very careful advancing on an injured animal, even the most docile dog will bite when hurt or in pain.

Plastic or Rubber

These type are what my dogs wears, since they have longer slimmer snouts. But you usually measure from the between the eyes to the end of the snout, and allow about 1/2 inch past the nose.

Dog Parks

Perhaps your pet does not need to consider using a muzzle, but it doesn’t hurt to get them used to one. If you even have the slightest concern how they will react then invest in the best dog muzzle now. In these wire basket style muzzles, the straps should fit snuggly around the back of the head, and they can drink, and pant through this style, which is very important.

Even if you have the most placid poochie in the world, their could be situations when they may need to wear one. You basically fit their snout into the length of this muzzle. If they get hurt, a dog will bite. If you move and check out a new park, and you don’t recognize too many of the dogs, yours may get nervous and show some fear aggression. Sometimes no matter how much training you have had, your pooch may be fearful of new people or new situations, why second guess? No one wants to be bitten. There are many situations when you may need to consider a muzzle. These are the cheapest ones, and may be great to carry in the car, if you come across an injured animal, or something like that as they are adjustable. If you are training an aggressive, or fearful dog, you may need to use a muzzle along with good dog training. My dogs need to wear a muzzle when going to the vet’s office. The vets office is stressful enough, you don’t need to be nervous yourself.

If you have a excitable dog or one that can get aggressive when scared, then you may want to consider a dog muzzle. Even after training, my trainer recommended that I purchase one that fit well, and we would train them to wear them for certain situations.

The best one must fit your dog, and let them breathe, pant and even receive treats. It must be sized for him, to do its job well. Now walks are enjoyable. Get the best dog muzzle for your dog, and train them to use it

You need to find ones that work with your pooch, so that he will wear it. You measure their snout for the right size, and the pet supply shop can help you with the measurements needed for a proper fit. It may also give you peace of mind. You could fit him with a muzzle until you feel comfortable that he is ready.


I personally have 2 large dogs that I love dearly, and are well behaved at home, but I just don’t know how they will react with other animals. If you do not have full confidence in your dogs ability or personality, then be proactive, and be in charge, and put on the best muzzle for your him.

The funny thing, is that when my dogs wear their muzzles, it is like the decision has been taken away from them, as to whether they should bare their teeth or look aggressive, and they could now pass a pet with only a passing glance. They like the vet, they just are not the best with other dogs in waiting area.

Velcro Style

There are the Velcro strap style. The best ones, are ones that fit your dog well, allow them to breathe and continue on with their life. Great for sheppards and collies. No matter how much training I had, I still feel better that my dogs wear muzzles while we walk in areas of other animals and pets.

Wire Basket Style

These are the best muzzles for the larger faced dog, such as the Rotweiler. It should not restrict their breathing, or their ability to pant.plastic dog muzzle

There is no substitute for good dog training, but even the best dogs, can have bad days, or be grumpy and just not want to deal with other people or dogs. If you are having small children visit and they are not used to them, even the most docile pet can react to a small child pulling on their tail. But my dogs were able to take a claw and pick at these cloth/Velcro and get them off. Once again this style needs to fit your pooch properly, there are some adjustments that can be made. In this situation, you should either crate your pet, or muzzle him to be sure.

When you act nervous, your dog picks up on this, and then reacts themselves, so you need to relax, and like my Veterinarian said to me. They don’t even mind me putting them on. It helped totally with their behavior. I would either have to time my appointment around dogs, or just m88a put one on them, and they sit and obey. If you get the best dog muzzle that fits your dog well, there is nothing cruel or wrong about wearing it on your dog. This is not cruel treatment if you get the best one for your pet.

Many people tend to think it is cruel, but if it is properly fitted, many dogs get used to wearing them daily. It was more likely the other one may react, and even then mine would just look at them like they had two heads. They may be for a short time, such as with an injured pet, or getting their shots at the vet’s office. It should not be rubbing on their eyes, or forcing their nose up to expose their teeth. These in my opinion are not the best

The Basics Of Casino Gambling

Second important point a gambler should have is patience. Any such business affecting the inter-state business and commerce, and failing to abide by t state rules for running a business will also come under the jurisdiction of gambling laws.

For tips on how to play casino games, visit our website. Today there are around 1400 websites offering varieties of gambling games. On the other hand, although gambling has been disciplined by state laws, some lobbies in the government exist in favor of gambling. It is really difficult to predict how online gambling malfunctioning can come under the proper control of the law and order and that’s why one needs to know the basics of casino gambling in order to be on the right track.

The emergence of these technologies was accompanied by a sense of uncertainty at the time of using them, especially for private communications. Gambling is not illegal; players can go to online casinos and play these games. As per the law, major financial institutions are required to design and enforce policies and procedures which will restrict the process of illegal funding to the online gambling operators. The first thing you understand in casino gambling is Bets valuation. Players should evaluate the game and inquire about the probability of winning it. For example: Which is the better option among these two? Playing a slot machine which has million dollar pay out or playing a blackjack which has less price money? Definitely, if they both have same price we will prefer a slot machine. Gambling is not a simple task, it needs patience and at the same time innovative moves. According to a recent survey conducted there are around 14.5 million gamblers around the globe.

If a player has an intention to play in an online casino, compulsorily he should have a bank roll. This bank roll allows him to place bets on the games being played. Gambling laws are aimed to address this issue and provide assurance about the sense of security and privacy among the public. This online casino started its services with 18 games from 18th august 1995. It is known that online gambling sites cannot accept any kind of encrypted credit card data that can be used for making payments. If you people wish to make more money online, then here are some of the common techniques. All these gambling casinos generate a turnover of $3 billion for year. Learn how to play poker and casino table games today.

They should select games offering great bonus points. Statutes also state that it is inappropriate to use a gambling ship for the transfer of goods or people from one place to another.


. Players who play games with smart analysis will surely succeed with less time.

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The Worlds first online casino: Internet Casinos Inc (ICI) started its operation in the year 1995

China’s Knock-Off Wonders – China’s knock-off wonders – Pictures

In 2004, when the hotel was under construction, the owners were accused of forcing local farmers off their land, and offering them low-paid jobs as compensation. China’s richest citizens are even wealthier than the statistics suggest, and may hold as much as 9.3 trillion yuan (US$1.4 trillion) of hidden assets, according to a Credit Suisse-sponsored study by a top economic think-tank. And nearly two thirds of that unreported income goes into the pockets of the richest 10 percent, widening China’s already troubling wealth gap, said Wang Xiaolu, the economist at the China Society of Economic Reform (CSER), who headed the survey. A cleaner works in front of a building that makes up the luxurious Chateau Laffitte Hotel, an imitation of the 1650 Château Maisons-Laffitte by the French architect François Mansart, located on the outskirts of Beijing August 20, 2010.

Online Casinos: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

These casinos are gaining popularity due to the spectrum of benefits they endow.

The Ugly

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This article was posted on September 28, 2005

-Online casinos provide an easy access to gaming anytime. The internet will serve you only with graphics depriving you of the amazing experience of mahogany side rails to rest your elbows and glistening chrome wheel.



The Bad

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The Good

-One amongst many wonderful aspects of casinos online is that even the physically handicapped who cannot budge out of their houses, can have a great time because of these casinos. This is so for gambling online saves commutation charges plus the heavy expense one incurs on food and beverages while playing in a casino.

-If your children are watching you play every time on the Internet, this might have an adverse impact on their minds. Cost effectiveness is a noteworthy feature of betting through the net.

-The games and the technique to play them remains the same, the rules and regulations too do not vary largely, but what definitely is missing in online gaming is the mind boggling and exclusive ambience of a casino.

-The worst feature of gambling online is its addictiveness, which is relatively stronger in this case.

Online Casinos: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

 by: Josef Gagne


A big factor in all of this can be which online casino a person chooses to use.

-Those individuals for whom Internet gambling is not a mere source of entertainment, are cautious of the odds and returns being offered by different casinos. The best part is that while playing online an individual can think peacefully and be focused on his game for he is away from the hurly burly of the casinos. The gaming aficionados can play multitude of games just by being at home.

-Almost all the cherished games such as poker, roulette and others can be relished online without much expenditure. This is because this gambling can be done at any hour of the day.

You may have a fascination with basking in the glory of millions of dollars, a comfortable business while relaxing on your couch…wondering what is this all about? Many have found ‘online casinos’ an opportunity to make money via the electronic medium. Some are merely average, while others offer fantastic service and special deals. For instance Roulette might lose its charm without the finely crafted Roulette table and beautifully machined metal wheels. So you needn’t worry of heavy showers, chilly mornings and foggy days. For responsible players, good online casinos can turn out to be an excellent way to give vent to your gaming spirit

New ‘obesity calculator’ predicts child’s likelihood of being overweight


“If you, for example, use this calculation model, and then you find out that your child’s risk of becoming obese or overweight is at 70 percent, then we can say for sure that something should be done,” Jarvelin said.  “Genetic variants were not important at a population level to help explain common obesity in a population.”

A new, simple formula could be the key.  I’ve seen so many different feeding styles. “The prevention of obesity should be started as early as possible.  They originally examined a variety of different factors that could potentially explain the population’s obesity – from genetic variants to environmental and lifestyle factors.

“Once we compare different statistical models, and we added the genetic variants [associated with causing obesity], their ability to explain childhood obesity didn’t improve at all in practice,” Jarvelin, a pediatrician and professor and chair in Lifecourse Epidemiology at Imperial College London, told  Available as an online calculator, an equation developed by researchers at the Imperial College London can strongly predict a baby’s probability of becoming obese during childhood.

“I’ve seen families work hard to change their child’s eating habits, but these should be started much earlier,” Jarvelin continued.

Click to use the calculator to determine a child’s probability of being obese based on a Finnish population.

According to Jarvelin, the researchers were able to narrow down the most predictive factors to these few lifestyle and environmental factors, which were able to accurately predict childhood obesity up to 85 percent of the time.  It’s inclusion and exclusion.”

Take a hypothetical couple with BMIs of 25, the mother a non-smoker working a professional job, both living in a two-person household: If they just gave birth to a nearly 8-pound baby, the likelihood of their child being overweight or obese is only 2.05 percent.  She noted that since the data needed for the calculator are routinely measured during maternity care, the calculator can be a cheap and valuable resource for parents hoping to prevent their child from becoming overweight.

Utilizing simple data such as the child’s birth weight, number of household members and the mother and father’s body mass indexes (BMI), the calculator provides a percentage of predicted probability of obesity.  The mother’s occupation and her gestational smoking habits are also taken into consideration.

Jarvelin noted that of the kids tested with the obesity calculator, the 20 percent with the highest likelihood of obesity at birth made up 80 percent of obese children.

But how are parents supposed to know the likelihood their child will be overweight?

“We were basically looking at correlations between different factors, how they all come together and what was the predictive value in this analysis,” Marjo-Riita Jarvelin, one of the study’s lead authors, told Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of American children were overweight or obese in 2008.

Click to use the calculator.

Childhood obesity has been on the rise in the United States, a trend that is putting many children at risk for a multitude of health problems – from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure to early type 2 diabetes.

“This doesn’t exclude the impact of genetics when it comes to obesity,” – about one in 10 cases of obesity resulted from a rare genetic mutation – “but, if we are looking at it population-wise in the development of childhood obesity, it’s very small proportionally.”

To develop the formula, researchers analyzed data from an ongoing 1986 study following 4,000 children born in Finland over the course of their lives.  It’s incredible what parents can do.”

.  According to the U.S.   While initially tested and analyzed, genetic variations associated with obesity were ultimately not very reliable in predicting a child’s probability of obesity.

Environmental and lifestyle factors

Click to download the Excel spreadsheet, to determine a child’s probability of being obese based on an American population. You have to work really, really hard.

A growing problem

Childhood obesity has become a growing dilemma in developed nations and most notably in the United States, with rates more than tripling in the past 30 years.  “It’s not just what the child eats, but their eating habits and, for example, how mothers and fathers are feeding their children when they are small.  Once the sheet is open, click on the Viva tab.

Jarvelin added that these environmental factors are more important than genetic variants.

When it comes to solving the obesity crisis, Jarvelin, along with many other pediatricians argue that prevention is the biggest defense – through healthy lifestyle habits and physical activity.  Eventually, you will end up with a situation where adding something like maternal age does not improve the model. If child is obese at the age of 6 or 7, it’s difficult to make the child lose weight.  However, once you change the mother’s occupation from a professional job to unskilled or unemployed, the child’s likelihood jumps up to 14.25 percent.

For parents looking to keep their child healthy and physically fit as they grow up, a better understanding of their child’s propensity towards obesity could be an essential tool in helping to keep off the pounds. “…Once we add one extra factor, does it improve the model? If you add paternal BMI, does it improve? Then, when you add in maternal smoking, does it improve again?  And so on, and so on

Chicago on brink of Stanley Cup title with Game 5 win over Tampa Bay

Bishop decided to play after participating in the morning skate, and the 53-game winner appeared to be moving more fluidly than he did in Game 3. He still gave a goal to the Blackhawks in the first period with an ill-advised venture out of his crease

The Blackhawks had several other golden scoring chances before Filppula’s goal, including Teuvo Teravainen missing the net on a clean breakaway. The Lightning must win two straight to claim the second Stanley Cup title in franchise history.

Bishop kicked the puck straight onto Vermette’s tape after stopping a rush by Kris Versteeg. Replays appeared to show Crawford playing the puck outside the trapezoid behind his net moments before Sharp’s first-period goal. D Nikita Nesterov was scratched. Neither team has even held a two-goal lead through five games, staying tied or one goal apart for all 300 minutes.

The final Saturday night game of the NHL season got off to an ugly start for the Lightning when Kucherov then nearly scored on the play on which he was injured.

Ben Bishop stopped 27 shots after missing Game 4 with an undisclosed injury, but the goalie’s ill-advised venture outside the crease led to Sharp’s goal.

While the Lightning didn’t know their goalie’s identity until earlier in the day, Crawford delivered another outstanding night in Chicago’s crease right when he was most needed. … … The first five games all have been decided by one goal for just the second time in Stanley Cup Final history, and the first time since 1951.

Valtteri Filppula scored for the Lightning, who have scored just two goals while losing two straight games for only the second time in their 25-game postseason. He capped the performance with 16 saves in the third period, performing flawlessly down the stretch just as he did in the previous game.

With another tenacious road victory in this agonizingly close Stanley Cup Final, the Chicago Blackhawks earned an opportunity to raise that silver trophy on their home ice.

Crawford inexplicably passed the puck right at Kucherov, but the Russian forward charged at it and lost his feet when Crawford dived back to his crease. Tampa Bay also lost second-leading scorer Nikita Kucherov to a first-period injury when he crashed into the Chicago net.

Bishop roamed almost halfway to the blue line to play a puck and collided with star defenseman Victor Hedman. Kucherov hit the post hard with his shoulder or head, skating off hunched over and going straight to Tampa Bay’s dressing room.

Game 6 is Monday night in Chicago, and seven remaining members of the Blackhawks’ two-time champion core will have the chance to skate the Stanley Cup around the United Center for the first time after winning the other two Cups on the road. Vermette, the veteran forward acquired from Arizona near the trade deadline, also scored the third-period tiebreaker at Amelie Arena in the series opener 10 days ago.

. Dick Vitale, former Buccaneers FB Mike Alstott and Rays OF Kevin Kiermaier attended the game.

The clubs started the third period in a tie for the third straight game, but Vermette cashed in on a loose puck in the slot just two minutes in.

Game 5 was another chapter in what’s shaping up as the tightest Final ever played. The Lightning evened it when Jason Garrison made a wicked cross-ice pass through Chicago’s defense to the Finnish veteran, who ended his six-game goal drought.

Rookie Jonathan Drouin took Kucherov’s spot on Tampa Bay’s vaunted “Triplets” line with playoff scoring leader Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat.

Antoine Vermette scored the tiebreaking goal early in the third period, and the Blackhawks moved to the brink of their third NHL championship in six years with a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 5 on Saturday night.

Corey Crawford made 31 saves and Patrick Sharp scored an early goal into an accidentally unguarded net for the Blackhawks, who took a 3-2 series lead by surviving another tense game in this incredibly even series. Sharp ended his 13-game goal drought by skating around the pair and chipping in the open-net gift in front of Tampa Bay’s stunned fans.

NOTES: Drouin returned to Tampa Bay’s lineup after the 20-year-old forward sat out three of the series’ first four games

The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough

He’ll register you on the spot and send you to the Tribunal Temple, by orders of Almalexia herself.

- Follow Thauruvail Dres as he wanders through Mournhold. It’s a pub on the east side of town, a short trip north of the local blacksmithing shop.

- Almalexia awaits inside. She’ll finish the quest off for you and tell you to investigate the trap door you just uncovered. Grab the House Dres Key from his body.

. (Thanks to Oleo for the alternative.)

- Approach City Center, Mournhold’s large, central building. She’ll reveal that House Dres is engaged in some slippery activities hereabouts, possibly related to the Maulborn, and that they keep a farm nearby. This will trigger a new quest.

- Speak to Naryu inside. Eventually he’ll lead you to a back alley and collapse. Climb the steps and you’ll find Naryu Virian, by now familiar, halfway up.

- Assuming you go the poison route, enter the basement of the Flaming Nix to find the bottle. You’ll need a key from a courier to access the farm. Poison it up, then speak to Naryu again. Fight the farmers tending the land – they’re nothing special – then enter the house indicated with a waypoint.

- Leave the temple and head to the Flaming Nix. She’ll vocalize the courier’s coming and going. You can either lightly poison the courier to get the key or Persuade Naryu to seduce the guy in your favour. Across the road is the House Dres Farmhold. Leave the Flaming Nix once prompted.

- The Tribunal Temple is the enormous building in the north of Mournhold. Don’t get too close or he’ll freak out. Speak to her and she’ll give you Almalexia’s Enchanted Lantern, as well as her blessing to continue tracking the Maulborn in Mournhold.

- Inside, investigate the various waypoints, then speak to Naryu Virian when she pops in. Speak to her, then continue into the temple.

- Leave Mournhold from the southwest exit. Climb the entry stairs out front and you’ll find a registrar, Riivel, standing by the front door